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Talent at a glance

Lithuania has a broad range of talent, from raw engineering skills to self-starters, to experienced entrepreneurs. Lithuania has all the ingredients to be a crucial hub in Europe for technology talent.
Mike Butcher,
European editor for Techcrunch


  • Lithuania has the highest ratio of young people in CEE / Eurostat, 2015 


  • 1st in CEE for mathematics, science and technology graduates per capita / Eurostat, 2013 
  • 3rd in CEE for quality of math and science education / WEF Global Competitivenes Report, 2014-2015
  • Highest ICT literacy in the EU – 97% of students obtaining ICT skills in secondary schools / Digital Agenda for Europe
  • 92% chose continuous learning and development opportunities as the most important factor when choosing an employer / If Annual Survey, 2012


  • Near 100% proficiency in English among young professionals / European Commission, Europeans and Their Languages 2012
  • #5 in the EU for population speaking at least 1 foreign language and #7 for at least 2 foreign languages / European Commission, Europeans and Their Languages 2012


  • Average employee turnover rate in international Shared Service Centers is around 10% / SSC & Business Services Survey, 2014
  • 69% of population aged 18-35 would like to work for an international company / If Annual Survey, 2012

R&D orientated:

  • 11% year on year rise in R&D expenditure since 2010 / Statistics Lithuania, 2014

We know how to think big

As a young vibrant nation we know the value of creativity, hard work and skill. This is why over the last 20 years we have invested heavily in our people, creating a top talent pool that speaks fluent business.

To build great business you need great people

From secondary school up, we foster and develop the skills and abilities necessary for modern business. And our success shows. We are 1st in the CEE for mathematics, sciences and technology graduates per capita, and have the highest high school ICT literacy in Europe. What’s more, we have double the EU average of young people study Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction, and surpass all other Baltic States in the amount of ICT professionals we produce each year. So you can see why we are fast becoming a hub for hi-tech innovators such as Wix, and global players like Western Union and Barclays.

In order to sustain hi-tech business growth you need R&D

This is something we implicitly understand, and that is why since 2010, annual R&D expenditure has risen by 11% year on year. Close co-operation between the public and private sector, along with academic institutions, is actively encouraged and facilitated by Invest Lithuania. Successful recent initiatives include TechCity Vilnius’ educational initiative with Barclays and CSC, and Thermofisher’s scholarship and training for Biotechnology students. Such active collaboration ensures that the country’s talent stays at the cutting edge, and that Lithuania secures itself on the frontline of modern business.

And, of course, in business communication is key

Almost every young professional is proficient in English, and with two thirds fluent in Russian, a quarter of a million fluent in German, as well as tens of thousands speaking Romanic and Nordic languages, companies are able to service their clients in as many as 26 languages.

Effective communication also requires a high level of cultural awareness, and with many of Lithuania’s best professionals returning from prestigious international universities, we have the international perspective that your business needs. We are focused on striving to develop this capacity, and in 2014 UNCTAD commended recent governmental initiatives aimed at retaining the country’s best international graduates.

Our latest investors
  • Nasdaq is a world leading operator of exchanges and provider of capital markets technology.
  • Game Insight is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games for mobile and social platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows and many others.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science, with 50,000 employees in 50 countries.
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