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Innovations in Lithuania in 2007 

April 10, 2008, LDA
Lithuania performs particularly strongly on the dimension of Innovation drivers*, where it is above EU average on the indicators of S&E graduates, Population with tertiary education, and Youth education attainment level, the European Innovation Scoreboard 2007 reveals.

Promotion of innovations and scientific research has been the priority goal for the Lithuanian Government. Almost half of the EU Structural Funds Support in 2007-2013, i.e. about EUR 3.5 million, is allocated for the country’s economic growth promotion projects, 10% of which is directed towards scientific research and technological developments.

Lithuania’s most innovative companies are encouraged to continue their innovative projects and are awarded at the annual contest Innovation Award which is aiming at fostering the entrepreneurial thinking, technological development and proves a possibility for enterprises to self-assess their competitiveness and innovativeness.

The winners of the Innovation Award 2007 in the category of Innovative Product are:

  • UAB “GGF” – Grass feed for horses “Goldengrass”
  • AB “Snaigė” – Refrigerators “Snaigė Ice Logic”
  • UAB “Ekspla” – Picosecond laser PL10100
  • UAB “Šiaulių tauro televizoriai” – Digital LCD TV Angel
  • UAB “Penki kontinentai” – E-trade system via IP television “Penki TV”
  • UAB “Biok” – Hair care cosmetics with amber extract “Margarita”
  • UAB “Ergolain baldai” – Furniture system “Wave”
  • UAB “Informacijos alėja” – Software “NewsProcessor”

The winners of the Innovation Award 2007 in the category of Innovative Enterprise are:

  • UAB “Aconitum”
  • UAB “Teltonika”
  • UAB “Precizika Metrology”
  • UAB “Koslita”
  • UAB “Selteka”
  • AB “Malsena”
  • UAB “Gaumina”
  • UAB “Marijampolės pieno konservai"

* In the European Innovation Scoreboard 2007, prepared by the Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), and commissioned by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, the overall innovation performance of countries is calculated on the basis of 25 indicators covering five dimensions of innovation: Innovation drivers, Knowledge creation, Innovation & entrepreneurship, Applications, and Intellectual property.