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Sochi Winter Olympics contractor Glassbel boosts investment in Klaipėda 

April 26, 2012, Invest lithuania
Glassbel Group, the most advanced producer of architectural and interior glass in the Baltic and Nordic countries, aims to become the leading company on the Nordic market and is strengthening its production capacity in the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (Klaipėda FEZ).

To improve production efficiency, the company will invest EUR 6.6 million into state-of-the-art technology for architectural glass solutions. In the next two years, the company will create fifty new jobs.

“This is one of several success stories where a firm takes full advantage of the excellent infrastructure and favourable geographic location of Lithuania to export its products to neighbouring markets, using the logistical capabilities of the seaport”, says Invest Lithuania Director Milda Dargužaitė.

According to representatives of Glassbel Baltic, the plant operating in the Klaipėda FEZ works almost exclusively for foreign customers in Europe and CIS countries. Architectural and interior glass manufactured at this plant is used for sports facilities to be used during the Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014 as well as for other famous buildings such as the Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport in London, the Foster and Partners office complex in London, and the business centre at St. Paul‘s Square in Liverpool.

“The rising demand for modern architectural glass solutions in Scandinavia, mainly in Sweden and Norway, adds volume to our exports. The Nordic market is one of the key markets for continuous growth of our exports. Being in Klaipėda, we are close to Scandinavian markets and, therefore, have ambitious targets to become the leading company in the region”, says Valdas Virbalas, Glassbel Group member of the Board and Commercial Director.

In addition to the Nordic region, Glassbel is eyeing other countries in Western Europe for export growth, such as Austria, Great Britain and Germany. During the new capacity-building phase, the company plans to install three lines for new production processes that can dye glass, cut glass sheets and manufacture insulated glass units.

The Glassbel Group operates production plants and modern laboratories in Belarus and Klaipėda and has offices in Russia and Ukraine. Glassbel Baltic, owned by the group, was built and equipped in 2008 in the Klaipėda FEZ.

The Glassbel Group employs 280 people, including many highly-skilled specialists. The company offers a broad range of products from insulated glass units and supersized glass for architecture, to custom-made solutions such as heated glass, protection from electromagnetic radiation or blast resistance.