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Lithuania's investment map to include a new IT Centre expansion worth EUR 4.3 million  

July 20, 2012, Invest Lithuania
Nortal Group, the largest programming services group in the Baltic states, is expanding its operations in Lithuania with an investment of up to EUR 4,3 million to develop an IT centre. Nortal implements intelligent electronic services and applied systems for major telecommunications, energy, financial and public sector companies.

The investment is expected to create 100 new jobs for IT project managers, analysts and programmers. About 70-80 of the newly employed specialists will work from Vilnius and Kaunas on corporate projects in Estonia and Finland, the Middle East (Oman, Qatar) and Africa. The rest will develop IT products for customers in Lithuania from a variety of sectors.
“Nortal’s expansion in Lithuania is driven by our ambition to become the first Baltic programming company to float its shares on a stock exchange,” the company’s Director Arnoldas Jankūnas said.
The Nortal Group intends to double its size over the next 2-3 years, increasing the combined staff of its companies in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia and Romania from 650 to 1000 highly trained specialists.

Nortal (formerly Webmedia) was incorporated in 2000 as a developer of ergonomic electronic service systems for major business and the public sector. The company is also highly experienced in the development of e.health projects. Nortal has implemented service quality management processes in compliance with best practices, enabling the successful development of projects for customers in 22 countries of the world.