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Lithuania Shows Significant Progress on ICT 

May 31, 2012, Invest lithuania
The World Economic Forum has published the Global Information Technology Report 2012, which measures the extent to which 142 economies take advantage of ICT and other new technologies to increase their growth and well-being.

The report’s Network Readiness Index is the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative measurement of the impact of ICT on the development process and the competitiveness of nations. Lithuania now ranks 31st among 142 countries around the world, and 14th among the Member States of the European Union. Lithuania moved up 11 positions since last year, when it ranked 42nd in the world.

“Lithuania has performed well, providing state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure for modern business development,” said Milda Dargužaitė, Managing Director of Invest Lithuania. “Lithuania aims to become a Northern Europe service hub, and its rising position on the Networked Readiness Index gives Lithuania an advantage as it competes with other countries in the region for investment.”

By way of comparison, Lithuania’s main competitors are lagging behind in terms of their use of information technology. For two years now, Latvia has occupied the 41st position on the list, Poland has moved down five notches and now ranks 49th, Slovenia ranks 37th, the Czech Republic is 42nd, Hungary 43rd, Romania 67th and Bulgaria 70th. Estonia has moved up by two positions since last year to reach the 24th place.

Lithuania made the greatest progress in the areas of infrastructure and digital content, as well as social and economic impact. For example, Lithuania ranks 1st in terms of mobile network coverage and is 4th in the world in terms of adult literacy. Lithuania also occupies a high position in terms of the extent of business Internet use (7th), procedures to enforce contracts (8th) and mobile phone subscriptions per 100 population (12th).

The Networked Readiness Index puts Sweden in first place for the third consecutive year. Singapore is second and Finland in the third position, followed by Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States of America, Canada and Great Britain.

The Networked Readiness Index examines how well countries are prepared to use ICT in three areas: general business, the regulatory and infrastructure environment for ICT; the readiness of individuals, businesses and governments to use and benefit from ICT; and their actual usage of available ICT.

The report is the result of a long-standing partnership between the World Economic Forum and INSEAD, a leading international business school, within the framework of the Forum’s Industry Partnership Programme – particularly its Information Technologies & Telecommunications Industry Team – and the Centre for Global Competitiveness and Performance.