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Chicago Welcomes the Fourth World Lithuanian Economic Forum 

August 14, 2012, Invest lithuania
On 21 September 2012 Chicago will host the fourth annual World Lithuanian Economic Forum (WLEF), a key gathering of business and political leaders and Lithuanians living abroad. The focus this year is on Lithuania's most competitive and promising sectors, namely information technology and communication, biotech and high-value added manufacturing.

The one-day conference serves as a platform for Lithuanian experts and businesses operating in Lithuania to share their experiences with their counterparts abroad. Forum attendees will learn about the investment climate and core economic indicators in Lithuania with first-hand testimonies by international companies active in the country. The second part of the event is dedicated to information technology and communication, biotechnology and high-value manufacturing which are highlighted as  the most promising business sectors in Lithuania.

With over 100,000 individuals of Lithuanian decent, Chicago serves as a perfect location to engage active and accomplished compatriots. Of equal importance, the companies of the State of Illinois are keen investors in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to fDi Markets data, 2315 FDI projects in Central and Eastern Europe came from the USA between 2003-2012, amounting to more than 102,8 bn euros and making the USA the second biggest investor in the region. Of these, Lithuania accounted for 33 projects, suggesting there is plenty of room for improvement.

"We aim to consolidate and strengthen our cooperation with Lithuanians abroad, consulting partners, and a range of institutions in order to promote investments in Lithuania effectively. We will secure Lithuania's prosperity by working together, because everyone can be an ambassador, helping to raise awareness of our country", said Invest Lithuania Managing Director Milda Darguzaite.

The WLEF gathers together business leaders active or interested in Lithuania, leading Lithuanian companies and professionals of Lithuanian origin from abroad. The main goal of this event is to engage Lithuanians across the globe in the economic life of their country and to stimulate economic exchange and competition.

For more information visit: www.plef.lt