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Metal Processing 

Besides long-standing engineering traditions, engineering has become rapidly growing sector, displaying competitiveness and integration into international markets.

Engineering industries represent the largest share of Lithuanian manufacturing sector, generating around 3% of GDP. Over
3 000 economic entities operate in engineering industry; they create approximately 45 000 jobs and produce output value of 2.25 billion euro. Existing differences in relative indicators for engineering industry in Lithuania and the other EU countries, as well as the high growth rates of the sector in the recent years, indicate tremendous potential for Lithuanian engineering industry compared to other manufacturing sectors.

Experience in customizing products to meet the needs of different markets

A key to Lithuania’s metal processing industry success is the supply of specific products to large foreign and local companies as well as the active modernization of production. Lithuanian metal processing and transport equipment companies supply various transport parts to companies such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Volkswagen, Volvo, SAAB, Renault, Yazaki, as well as NATO forces which are known to demand top quality and value.

Currently there are around 1 200 companies operating in the metal processing and automotive industry, employing more than 15 000 workers.  Because of successful exports, the industry has returned to growth. Lithuania is proud to host foreign companies, such as the German “Schmitz CargoBull” (in Panevėžys), the Norwegian “Stansefabriken” (in Ukmergė), the German/ Lithuanian “Hi Steel” (in Kaunas), the Norwegian “ADAX” (in Panevėžys), as well as many other. Lithuanian metal processing and transport equipment companies supply various transport parts to companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, SAAB, Renault, which are known to demand top quality and value.

Proven ability to deliver production via various transportation channels at short notice

Lithuania connects the Baltic Sea region (110 m population) with European market (340 m population) as well as CIS (250 m population). Since Lithuania is a part of the EU, there are no boundaries to free movement of capital and people.
  • At the crossroads of Western, Northern and Eastern European markets with access to more than 750 million consumers.
  • More than 32 million tons of cargo loaded in the State northern ice-free port annually.
  • 2 routes of International trans-European corridors span across the territory of Lithuania: 80% of European freight transport is carried out through these corridors.
  • 4 international airports to connect Lithuania to any European city in less than 3 hours.
  • Intercontinental shuttle Saulė to link Lithuania with China in 15 days through Kazakhstan (10days).
  • Vikingas railway to deliver goods from Ukraine, through Belarus to Lithuanian seaport in 55 hours.

Success stories: Stansefabrikken, CIE Automotive, ADAX, Schmitz CargoBull, Hi Steel ect. More success stories