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Chemicals and Plastics 

The Chemicals and Plastics sector is one of the most well-established areas of industrial activity in Lithuania. Manufacturing of chemicals, fertilizers, and primary forms of plastics accounted for over 81% of output of the sector.

Major manufacturers include Achema (a leading manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products in Lithuania and the Baltics) and Lifosa (a producer of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer), Neo Group and Orion Global Pet (both in Klaipeda, PET raisin manufacturing). The sector employs more than 7,000 employees and has received over EUR 89 million of foreign direct investment – around 2.63% of manufacturing FDI.
Lithuanian companies employ the latest technologies and are able to adapt and serve various markets. Putokšnis, Stigma, Plasta, Artilux, and others are success stories of Lithuania’s export-oriented plastics manufacturing.

Plastics sector in Lithuania

  • the world’s best PET technologies
  • strict procedures for quality control and manufacturers’ orientation to international ISO standards
  • two universities training specialists specifically for the plastics industry

Success stories: PET (Indorama & Neogroup), Frilux, Putokšnis, Stigma, Plasta etc. More success stories