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Science and Business Valleys 

Lithuania is developing five integrated science, research and business centres (valleys) located in the country’s three largest cities: the capital city Vilnius, the second largest city and industrial capital Kaunas, and the seaport in Klaipėda. Each valley will specialize in a number of scientific research fields, including laser and light technologies, nanotechnologies, semiconductor physics and electronics, civil engineering, biotechnology, innovative medical technologies, molecular medicine and biopharmacy, ecosystems and sustainable development, informatics and communication technologies, mechatronics and related electronic technologies, future energy, forestry, food technology, marine environment and technologies. 

Investors like TEVA and Moog have already established R&D centres and laboratories in the Santara Valley, located in the capital city Vilnius. 



  • Network of R&D centres in 3 largest cities
  • Specialization in different scientific research areas
  • Great concentration of talent
  • Sufficient supply of new office space
Santara Valley (Vilnius) ICT & Life Sciences Centre
Centre of Innovative Medicine
Nature Research Centre
Sunrise Valley (Vilnius) Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences
Santaka Valley (Kaunas) National Open-access Centre of R&D
Centre of Sustainable Pharmacy and Health Technologies
National Open-access Centre of Future Energy
Nemunas Valley (Kaunas) Centre of Agriculture and Forest Sciences
Baltic Valley (Klaipėda) National Centre of Marine Sciences and Technologies


Advantages of R&D valleys in Lithuania

  • Access to skills and networking – Concentration of scientists, researchers, developers and university academia, close collaboration of knowledge-intensive businesses with science and study institutions, opportunity to be co-located with other companies in the same sector (clusters) and region
  • Research excellence – Open access labs, R&D projects supported by EU/state, application of research results in industry and business
  • High-quality infrastructure and premises – Infrastructure for research, innovation and new technology development and comfortable conditions to establish new technology-oriented businesses – offices, labs, business incubators.
  • Increased international competitiveness

For more information please visit the Ministry of Education and Science website